Digital tools offer exciting opportunities and are capable of opening up  whole new worlds of learning for children, but that it is essential to get the balance right. Like anything else in life - they can also bring unique parenting challenges. Browse our useful links, guidelines and resources to help ensure safe and responsible device use at home.

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Recommended Devices for Y5 & Y6 Students

'Bring Your Own Device' is optional in Years 5 & 6. Our school's preferred device is Chromebook, but we will allow any device that:​

  1. can connect to Wifi

  2. has a screen no smaller than 10 inches

  3. has a keyboard

  4. is connected only to the school network (no use of 3G or 4G networks, t-sticks or vodem sticks will be permitted.)

  5. has a protective cover

Please ask if you are not sure!

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