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2022 Year Book

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Team Larsen Sell Real Estate & Jess Pronk - The Mortgage and Insurance Supply Co - Titirangi have kindly offered Sponsorship to subsidise the 2022 Yearbook! We cannot thank them enough: The Yearbook will now be $20 per copy (Kindo has been updated, if you have paid the $25 already, Shelley will organise a credit or refund of the difference).

Here is a few of the pages to give you a taste of what's inside. You can purchase through your school KINDO Account or through the school office via Eftpos. Preview of TPS 2022 Yearbook LINK

If we sell out of the first print run, we will take orders and get more printed (delivery of the second print run will be Jan 2023 most likely). If you'd like one before the end of school - please order asap.



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