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Celebrate Grandparents - Friday 2nd July

It would be an honour and a privilege to host grandparents and surrogate grandparents to the school during Book Fair Week, on Friday 2nd July. It is our way of saying ‘thank you' and acknowledge the important role that grandparents play in their grandchild’s life.

We will start the day with the Book Character Parade, at approximately 9.10 am, weather permitting, it will be on the courts. After this event, we invite grandparents to visit their grandchildren's classrooms. It is a wonderful opportunity for the children to share their learning, perhaps hear about their experiences from when they were in school, or even just read a book.

Morning tea is an opportunity for the grandparents to have tea and biscuits in the school hall or perhaps participate in some of the playground games. After morning tea grandparents are very welcome to visit the Book Fair, which is located in the library. This is a small space so we respectfully ask that your grandchild stays in class.

By 11.00am the celebration will finish.

Sometimes students don’t have anyone who can attend; don’t worry, a family member or friend is always welcome. Grandparents from overseas could email or send letters on the day.

If any of our lovely parents would be able to help with the set up of the morning tea in the hall, please email Julie - Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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