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Celebrating student success

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Cheerleading competition

On the 18th of September Leo Dellow, Alex Campbell and Noah Dellow attended a cheerleading competition. Even though we where the only people in our grade we still tried our best, being crowd favorites as we are the only ever all boys team in the southern hemisphere.

Our team of nine people did our best and even though we messed up on our counts our coach later told us that we got an almost perfect score, getting a five out of five for difficulty for a pyramid that we did.

Here are some photos of us at competition.

Auckland Athletics 2022 Cross Country & Road Prize-giving

Sporting achievement by 3 of the Titirangi school community from the Auckland Athletics 2022 Cross Country and Road prize-giving which was at Mt Smart Stadium on Sunday 11 September.

Eli Gill Year 5, was 2nd overall in the Grand Prix series and 2nd in the Boys U10 road championships.

Ryan Barnett Year 5, was 3rd overall in the Grand Prix series, 3rd in the Boys U10 Cross Country championship race and 3rd in the Boys U10 road championship race.

Ao Matsuoka Year 5, was 2nd in the Girls U10 Cross Country championship race.

Fran Ishida 700 WSB walks

Year 6 Fran Ishida has been walking with the walking school Bus since she started school in Year 1.

Now in Year 6 Fran has completed 700 walks. Congratulations Fran, what a fabulous achievement, well done!

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