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Class Placement for 2022

We have begun the process of drafting class lists for next year. This is a complex process as we consider enrolled numbers at each year group, the learning and social needs of each child, as well as our funding allocation for teachers from the Ministry of Education.

While we want to provide the best placement for every child we cannot accept requests from parents regarding any specific preference of teacher or classmates. However, we do want to know if there are other important learning-related factors that your child's teacher may not be aware of. Please contact me directly so that it can be taken into consideration -

This is always a balancing act requiring a great deal of care and thought, so it is important to get in touch if there is anything that we need to be aware of in terms of your child's learning needs. If you could do this as soon as possible it helps the process of placing your child, therefore we ask all requests be submitted by Friday 5th November.

Please note with the stability in the Year 3/4 team and Year 5/6 for 2021, this enables us to provide continuity for the current Year 3 and 5 children, to stay with their teacher another year. This will build on the learning, social, and emotional relationships that have been established.

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