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Drop off zone campaign

The P2 Area 2.15 - 3.15 pm

Auckland Transport (AT) and the police are focussing on the enforcement of the provisions of the P2 (parking limited to two minutes) in the afternoons during school terms. As part of this action the school is reminding users of this area of the heightened enforcement, while also, as part of our commitment to Travelwise, promoting pedestrian safety.

You are requested to comply with the signage posted in the area near the steps to the school on Atkinson Road: Maximum of two minutes parking and stay in your car. Using this area near the top of the steps to/from the school should be pretty straightforward as all that needs to happen is for your child to be waiting for you near the benches beside the P2 zone and they can get into your vehicle. Stop, pick up and go (within two minutes). This process can happen from 2.55 - 3.15 pm (as provided for by the P2 AT sign) so there is plenty of time if you wish to avail yourself of this pick up point.

Please only stop in this area if your child is within sight so they get into the car and you can depart thereby leaving the space for other parents/caregivers to uplift their children. This is an ultimate example of practically sharing a valuable resource, namely a conveniently sited space for pick up and go.

P2 Area 8.00 - 9.00 am

The morning drop off of children is working very well. Rarely are all spaces taken meaning drivers can stop, drop and go with the minimum of delay. This democratizes the space by allowing as many people as possible to use this precious space. It certainly demonstrates a commitment to the sharing of a very valuable resource. This is what we are looking to achieve during afternoon pick ups.

Thank you for the compliance of the signage in the mornings. It makes a big difference.

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