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Education outside the classroom

EOTC or Education Outside of the Classroom is an important part of the school programme. The purpose of EOTC is to provide students with access to hands-on experiences that are not available inside the classroom. It allows students opportunities to develop strong relationships with their peers and teachers and to move outside their comfort zone.

One of the EOTC experiences that we provide is the Waterwise sailing programme for the Year 5/6 students. Room 18 were the first lucky class to have their Waterwise session at French Bay last Friday. The weather was perfect for learning to sail. Just the right amount of wind. The children started off with a mixture of excitement, some cautiousness and lots of positive attitude. They finished the day confidently sailing the optimist yachts, where they were all proud to be achievers. This experience is greatly enhanced by the amazing instructors and supportive parent helpers.

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