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Give us 5

Hello and welcome to Titirangi Primary school, and welcome back for those of you that have been involved with the school for a while.

We thought we would introduce ourselves properly, we are the PTA (Parent Teacher Association) of Titirangi Primary, otherwise known as a bunch of people who are passionate about building an awesome School Community, raising funds and like to put on a cool event or five!

We are the people behind events such as the School Gala, Quiz Night and the Pool Party.

This year we are launching a campaign called “Give us 5”.

What is Give us 5?

“Give us 5” is about giving the PTA 5 hours of your time (per family) over the course of the year to help us with events and fundraising, and the good news is that its actually lots of fun!

Over the year we usually run about 5 main events that are spread throughout the year with varying amounts of assistance needed - ‘Many hands make light work’!

What can I do?

For those that have experienced our School Gala you’ll know that its our main event, so that’s usually an ‘all hands on deck’ but there are plenty of other smaller events that we always need a hand with. We like to use your skills too! A passion for decorating – help us source and decorate the pool for the pool party. A dab hand on the barbeque, there’s always a sausage to turn at one of our many sausage sizzles. Or do you love to get people organised – then our School Gala will be right up your street! Skills or not we still want your hands and your enthusiasm!

We know people are busy so we try to make it as easy and fun as possible to give us a hand and its highly likely you would be coming to the event anyway so why not give us an hour while your kids mingle? There is always stuff to help out with in the background too if that’s more your thing!

Last year was a tricky year for fundraising and events with school interruptions and uncertainty but we are hopeful for a fun-packed year in 2021 with the aim of purchasing that sunshade for our beloved pool.

Our kids, our school, our community

So get involved, we are a great bunch to work with! All you need to do is fill in this form with your contact details. We will get in touch closer to our events as we start to need some help…. Go on…. “Give us 5”

Here are some of the main events we are proposing to run this year. The more helpers we have, the more fun events we can run for the kids and school.

Just for clarity we are asking for 5 hours per family – that can mean parents, grand-parents, Uncles, Aunts….second cousin twice removed…

Go and fill in the form and let us know you are willing to Give us 5!



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