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PTA Corner - September 2020

So….turns out lockdown 2.0 managed to put a stop to our beloved school disco…but do not dismay…we are merely rescheduling! We have rebooked the DJ and we are now looking at holding it on Friday 13th November! We will update you closer to the time with all the details and fingers crossed we don’t have to go all virtual again…. I must say that despite the lockdown many classes held virtual school disco’s which was lots of fun for those that were able to have a boogie by video call!

And…in keeping with the 2020 theme of being adaptable in these uncertain times we are going to have to cancel the PTA Quiz which was due to be held on Saturday 12th September…but again, we are a resilient lot here at the PTA and we are trying to come up with a range of other options to join together as a school community.

2020 is continuing to throw a few curveballs, so we are trying to come up with some great school community ideas that are somewhat resilient and adaptable and can be easily moved or rescheduled, or even better are not specifically ‘event’ related. So if you do have any great ideas please do drop us a line – we would love to hear from you at Until then, stay safe!


The PTA Team

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