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Interschool Cross Country

We had 36 runners take part in the Inter School Cross Country event at Konini School. Our runners and their parents have been training on Sundays with Mr Ramji and Warren. The hard work paid off. Titirangi School came 4th overall and just missed out on 3rd. Many students placed in the top 20 for each event.

Three runners placed in the top 3 for their race - Eli G (9yr B) 1st, Ao M (10yr G) 2nd and Ryan B (10yr B) 2nd.

Congratulations to all runners and parents for putting in the 'mahi' over the last 5 weeks! All the schools had lots of support today with many parents, grandparents, principals and school school caretakers helping out.

We will acknowledge the runners at our Achiever's Assembly today.

The following report was written by Eila and Charlie - Rm 20 Year 6

The run was long and difficult, especially for the ten year old's, who had to run 2.5k’s, which was three laps of the course. This was at Konini school, and we had to run round the field, up the hill, down the hill, round a bush, up a smaller hill, down, that smaller hill again, up a slope and down, round a pile of bark and across the concrete bleachers. For 10 year olds 3 laps, nine year olds, 2, and eight year olds a smaller course. Afterward, three days later, all the children from our school’s interschool cross country team ran against some parents and teachers.

We will now interview two children that ran in the interschool, and two teachers that ran against them on Friday in the teachers v students v parents

Ben G Year 6- Student that ran in interschool

It was long. I got sixteenth place um I sprinted as hard as I could and I couldn’t feel my legs at the end. And then at the end I fell to the ground.

Max D Year 6 - Student that ran in interschool

It was very tiring after you had finished the first lap and I couldn't really feel my legs at the end I collapsed to the ground. Um I came eighth place in the ten year old boys. At the end was relieved that I actually finished the course

Anthea - Librarian that ran on Friday

It was lots of fun and made me feel like I was back at school doing cross country again. Yeah and it was cool to see lots of parents and the classes watching as well.

Blake Semp - Teacher that ran on Friday

It was fun racing against the students and seeing the parents involved. It helped having people with water guns to cool us down. Some of the students were very quick, but I was motivated to beat them. Eli almost caught me, I had to sprint hard at the end. Overall, it was a great event.


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