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Message from Julie

Tēnā koutou katoa,

Welcome back to Term 2 everyone! It's been great to see the children return with so much enthusiasm for learning this week.

I would like to introduce Liz Pollard and Amber Adey who will be opening the new entrant class in Room 24 next Monday. A warm welcome back to Rachelle Watson (maternity leave) who is returning to Room 9 for 4 days and Dana Turner will work on Tuesday. We are delighted to have these wonderful teachers onboard!

Anzac Day Parade and Service

A huge thank you to all the students and families who represented Titirangi School at the Anzac Day service. It was such a special community event after 2 years of cancellations. The choir performed beautifully, thank you to Kasha Klee for all her expertise and enthusiasm organising the choir. I really enjoyed seeing our current students as well as ex-students representing organisations such as the scouts and girl guides.

What's ahead in Term 2...

Our Term 2 Concept is Whakapuāwai - Future Horizons where the students will be exploring the possibilities for sustainable innovations and development through a scientific lens.

Enduring Understandings: Level 1 (Year 1and 2):

Energy can never be created or destroyed but only transformed from one form to another.

Level 2 (Year 3 and 4):

People apply their understanding of forces and energy to invent and create simple machines that we use in our daily lives.

Level 3 (Year 5 and 6):

Understanding the physical world allows us to develop scientific and technological innovations.

Room 11 and Room 12 are now fully refurbed, reroofed, and repainted so Room 4 and Room 6 were super excited to move into their new classrooms on Monday.

Lunchtime Activities

I am delighted to see so many options on offer this term for our students at lunchtime. The library is open Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. We have the following activities happening across the week:

  • Anton, Sports Activator, works with our sports leaders on Monday

  • Blake Semp (Y5/6 teacher) is coaching soccer with Warren (caretaker) on Wednesdays (boys) and Fridays (girls)

  • Mike Chatfield is taking a sports group on Tuesday and Thursday

  • Mel McCorquindale and Nicky Pacey are working with the Enviro team on different projects on Wednesday and Friday.

  • Kasha takes the junior choir on Thursday

  • Brigette and I are running a Lego Club on Tuesday and Wednesday

Ka kite anō au i a koutou

Julie Lynch


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