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Mid Year Reports - Hero

Your child's academic progress and online reporting has been posted to your child's Hero account. On Hero you will see comments about their Reading, Writing and Math - as well as the general comment for the first 2 terms of schooling for 2022.

To help you understand the information that Hero presents for your child, we have attached a help document for you.

This is also a reminder; that as mentioned in previous updates about Hero - this online tool is how we will be reporting on your child's progress through their time with us at Titirangi Primary School. While there will not be a paper report coming home at the end of term 2 or the end of the year, families are able to access their child's progress and updates throughout the year.

Please refer to the TPS HERO Mid-year Reporting Help Doc.

TPS HERO Mid-year Reporting
Download PDF • 397KB

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