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Mitey - Sir John Kirwan Foundation

We are delighted to partner with Mitey over the next year to grow and support the mental health and wellbeing of all our students.

The Sir John Kirwan Foundation has designed Mitey with NZ teachers and the University of Auckland to provide an evidence-based approach to teaching mental health education to primary and intermediate-aged children.

It is built around the NZ curriculum and embedded into everyday learning, to ensure children are equipped with the age-appropriate skills and knowledge they need to recognise and respond to mental health issues in both themselves and others before they enter teenage years.

Mitey has successfully implemented its approach to schools in Auckland and we are excited to be included.


A Mitey coach will work with staff to support teaching and learning. This will also ensure Mitey is tailored to our school’s unique culture and community.

Mental health education will be taught in every classroom with the skills, knowledge and understanding of mental health woven into what is already being taught by our teachers.

Parents and the whole school community are an integral part of Mitey’s approach and as with all our learning your engagement and support is a key aspect of educating our students.


Mental health concerns and issues amongst NZ youth have doubled in the past 10 year and we all agree that unhappy students don’t learn.

Youth suicide rates in NZ are among the highest in the world.

The following link will take you to Mitey’s homepage

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