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New, revised school timetable

Term 2 will begin with our new, revised school timetable.

A reminder - the school start time will still be 8.50am but the school day will now finish at 2.50pm - 5 minutes early.

In changing the timetable, we are trying to achieve the following aims:

  • increase the morning learning blocks so that key learning areas have more time - students' focus is greater in the morning.

  • increase our interval time from 20 minutes to 30 minutes. Many students take a long time to eat. This will give them long enough to eat a proper snack as well as having time to play.

  • decrease our lunch play time from 55 minutes to 45 minutes. Many students' feedback to teachers that they find this too long and "how long until the bell" is a well worn question.

  • rearrange the eating time of lunch to happen at the end of the break. Students will be allowed to have something to eat at the start of lunch if they are hungry - but the formal, supervised lunch eating time will be in the last 15 minutes to ensure children have had enough to eat in order to have a productive afternoon.

We will review this at the end of the term. As part of this process, we will be collecting in parent and student voice. We are hoping that as a by-product of finishing at 2.50pm, traffic pressure from many schools finishing at the same time can be reduced for us all.

Ngā mihi nui,

Andrea Thomas, TPS Principal

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