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Opening of the new Junior Playground

We were very excited to open the new junior playground yesterday.

Room 23 lead a beautiful karakia to start the ceremony and Elijah, who started school yesterday cut the ribbon to officially open the playground.

Rooms 1 and 3 have kindly shared some of their writing reviews of the new playground.

Today we sang Tutira Mai Nga Iwi and a junior opened the new play ground. Room 3 was the first to go on and it was amazing. You can pretend you are a spider on the web.


The junior playground has a fantastic shiny slide. And Room 3 got to go on it first. I like the slide because when I came out, they took photos of me!


I love the monkey bars because I can skip one bar.


I like the junior play ground because it has a slide and it can go fast and slow.


I like the monkey bars because I wish, I wish I was a monkey.


I was the first to go on the slide!


I love the new playground and the monkey bars was my favourite. I was a little scared of the net.


I like the playground. I crawled through the tunnel and jumped down on the grass.


I went down the slide. I went fast.


I am grateful for the junior playground. I like the slide. I crawl through the tunnel.


I love the new playground. I love the slide and I love everything in the playground.


I like the playground. I go down the slide fast.


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