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P2 Parking - Drop Off Zones

Please observe and obey the parking signs.

  • This sign can be seen at the drop off/pick up zone above the crossing. It is also downhill from the crossing.

  • It means stop here only briefly. You may not park and walk into the school.

  • You may not park here and sit in your car for longer than 2 minutes waiting to pick up your child between 2.15 and 3.15.

  • If the drop off zone is full, please do not double park, or queue at the end of the drop off zone, blocking the traffic coming around the roundabout.

  • Please do not do a U turn from the drop off zone. There is a turning bay further down the hill on Atkinson Road.

  • An alternative to the P2, is to park away from the school and walk in to collect your child or if suitable to collect them from an agreed meeting place.

  • If you notice any unsafe driving issues or infringements, you can go to

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