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Pause Breathe Smile

As part of the Pause, Breathe, Smile programme, we have been thinking about being GRATEFUL and being THANKFUL. We also talked about how we GIVE to others and show KINDNESS.

Our amazing caretaker Warren is a man of many talents who is always happy to help others.

This term, he gave up many break times and lunch times to train our football teams. The many children involved in the inter-school  football, were very grateful for the time, tips, skills and experience that Warren was able to share. 

Cameron, Eliza, Chloe and Willow from Room 18 decided to show their appreciation!

A grand plan was hatched with a card created and signed by all players, a delicious cake and a few decorations.

Warren was welcomed by the whole year 5/6 syndicate as a surprise. Sitting in a special seat, he was greeted by beaming smiles and thank you speeches (Hayley, Olympia and Adam) as well as a huge cheer!

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