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PMP, the Perceptual Motor Development Programme

Titirangi Primary runs an activity for Year 1 pupils called PMP, the Perceptual Motor Development Programme. The programme focuses on developing fitness, balance, locomotion & eye-hand-foot co-ordination skills, and helps to prepare children for the formal learning environment in a classroom.


PMP is entirely dependent on parent volunteers so we really need your support in order to offer this valuable programme. The sessions are two mornings a week, every Tuesday and Friday from 8.55am-10.30am and we require four helpers for each session. You will be making a valuable contribution to your child’s learning and this is also a great opportunity to connect with other parents and get to know the children.


There are five stations which each have a simple physical activity and each parent is assigned to help with a station. The children rotate around the stations in small groups of 3 or 4 and your task will be to assist them to perform the activity, e.g. bowling skittles, skipping with ropes, batting a ball, etc. so no special level of skill or fitness is needed.

If you can possibly offer your time to come along to any of the sessions during the term, it would really help us. We welcome help from grandparents, nannies, au pairs, family friends or relatives so if you know of anyone willing to volunteer for this very worthy cause, we would love to hear from them.


To view the roster, click

Select the days you can assist and click ‘Sign Up’ enter your email address and then ‘Save’.

You don’t need to register an account or password and does not share your email address with anyone. Please sign up by 6pm the evening before the session.

You can also email me directly at

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