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PTA Corner

How are we half way through the year?

And yet there is so much more to come!

We just want to have a huge shout out to our amazing volunteers that helped deliver another super special Matariki breakfast at the end of last term. Without your help we can not pull off these events so thank you to the setter uppers, fruit choppers, the sausage turners, the milo decanters, the washer uppers, and the pack downers - no mean feat at 6am on a winter's morning!

We also had great support again from Jess with her Victor & Verns coffee truck - do make sure you check out Jess's latest venture with her other business partners and friends - the Falls Bistro in Henderson if you want to experience some beautiful food in a fab location Thanks for your ongoing support Jess!

So what's on this term from the PTA you ask? This term is a busy one for anyone involved in the school production so it's a quiet one from our end - just the school disco on the 3rd of September....but of course we are looking for some super keen volunteers to help with decorating the school hall to make it into an 'Amazing Animals' experience for our little people. If you are interested in lending a hand - or can twist the arm of your friend who once told you they can paint a mean Tiger, Elephant, Giraffe, Koala, Polar bear get my drift(!) - drop us a line on the PTA email

And in exciting upcoming Term 4 news....the Gala is back! Brace yourself for what is going to be an excellent fun filled day! Saturday 13th November

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