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PTA Update

As we approach Mātariki and the celebration of the Māori new year the PTA is looking for early risers to help us with the set up of our annual Mātariki breakfast.

Now that we can access the school grounds we are excited to bring our school community together for this celebration. We are looking for volunteers to help us cut up fruit, turn some sausages on the barbeque, and make some hot milo.

Let us know if you are available to help, for those new to this it doesn't take much time - arrive by 6.30 am to give us a hand and you will be super on time for the celebration and then join us afterward in enjoying a sausage, some fruit, and some delicious hot milo - don't forget your cup!

To volunteer drop us a line at or speak to your class parent.

We look forward to catching up!

Your PTA

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