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School Council Corner

This term the School Council have been involved in a variety of activities within the school.

They have taken the initiative to share their experiences from Future Leader's Day and organised activities for other children interested in being a leader.

They have continued with our fundraising drive as global citizens to support our World vision sponsored child, Monica. Thank you for your kind donations and assistance with this. Your contributions raised $463.40 for her family and their village in rural India.

Our Councillors are great ambassadors for our school when we have visitors. They demonstrated manaakitanga during our parent information night; when we hosted the Science in a Van Team, and during our Pink Shirt day collection.

Look out for them at the Book Character parade/Grandparents Day and during our Matariki Ceremony.

They are also helping with our Achiever's Assembly at the end of the term helping to decide the content that goes within our assembly to recognise all our achievers.

They are a terrific bunch to work with and show great initiative and creativity.

This video was made last year, by our 2020 school council.



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