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Staying Safe Online

Digital technology is an important part of how we connect. From buying groceries to organising get togethers – being online is a big part of how we live. Its impact has been profoundly positive, helping us overcome physical distance and allowing us to share worldwide, but there are risks too.

Please make sure you visit Netsafe. They have excellent information for parents including Staying Safe Online Guide helps everyone have better online experiences across many different platforms.

While the internet offers a range of benefits and enriching experiences, there are also nuisances and risks, from spam to theft of personal information. And with more people in New Zealand recognising the importance of being safe online and what it means for them and their families, this Staying Safe Online Guide helps people of all ages. This is important as we move towards the school holidays and Christmas, and being aware of what children are doing online and the games that they are playing and who they are interacting with especially with Fortnite, Among Us etc.



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