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Teacher Only Day: 23rd October

Friday 23 October – Teacher Only Day – School Closed for Instruction

Arising from the employment agreement negotiations in 2019 for the Primary Teachers’ Collective Agreement, the Primary Principals’ Collective Agreement, the Area School Teachers’ Collective Agreement and the Area School Principals’ Collective Agreement it was agreed that any one principal or teacher is entitled to a maximum of 8 teacher only days between 2019-2022.

These days are to provide teachers and principals with additional time to:

  • Refresh and deepen their knowledge and practice around the local curriculum

  • Strengthen their understanding of the use of assessment tools for learning and teaching

  • Respond to the recommendations of the education work programme in the Curriculum, Progress and Achievement (CPA) Report

  • Familiarise themselves with curriculum work changes that will become available over the term of the collective agreements.

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