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TPS Americas Cup boat race at the school pool!

Well…. To add to the excitement of New Zealand winning and retaining the coveted Americas Cup, we have the ultimate finale this Friday with our very own

We hope you have finessed your boats and they are ready to go!

On Friday at 3pm we will assemble on the courts and you will be asked to get into your racing category. As a refresher the categories are:

  1. Fastest boat

  2. Slowest boat

  3. Best Propelled boat

  4. Best Sail boat

  5. Most creative boat

The school council will come and collect your gold coin entry while you are in your category area…..think carefully about which category you would like to be in!

We will race by category so each group will be taken to the pool and there will be heats depending on the numbers of boats in each group.

To add to the event there will be a sausage sizzle and ice-creams to get into that party spirit as you cheer on some of the best boat racing TPS has ever seen (at its school pool!).

We can’t wait to see your creations!

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