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Travelwise Leaders 2021

The Travelwise Group for 2021 are looking forward to promoting safe travel. We will be organising and promoting different events throughout the year.

We also have focus campaigns, safety promotions and much more.

The new Travelwise Leaders are eager to go and keen to be involved. I welcome Mila, Tamsin, Ben, Megan, Frida, Esme, Joseph, Fran and Taigh as the 2021 Travelwise Leaders.


  • Please remember the P2 zones on either side of the school driveway are for dropping off and picking up with a maximum time of 2 minutes

  • Please can drivers remain in their cars while they are in the P2 zone.

  • The children have been reminded to quickly make their way to the P2 zone after school, if they have arranged to be picked up from this area.

  • Don’t forget the second P2 zone (down the hill) as there are often free spaces.

Lisa Sparey

Travelwise Coordinator

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