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WSB - Walking School Bus

The Titirangi Walking School Bus is looking for more walkers and more parent helpers to 'drive' (lead) the bus. We currently walk from the Titirangi Library every school morning at about 8.25am. Do you usually park near the library or in the village and walk to school anyway? Why not join the walking school bus and have your child walk to school with a group of friendly children. It's a great way for them to get to know other children, there are perks such as regular milo mornings, walking school bus events, freebies such as ponchos, hats, notebooks, etc. and there is recognition when your child has done 50, 100, 200 walks. We've recently had a milo morning to celebrate some walking milestones and to recognise one dedicated Year 6 student who has achieved 700 walks!

We have spaces most weekday mornings for extra walkers. You can pick and choose which mornings your child walks - some do only one morning per week, others do all 5 mornings. There is a maximum of 8 children per driver, so we would also like some more parent helpers to be drivers so we can grow the bus numbers. Again, you can choose which mornings you drive and do as many or little as you like. Most of our drivers only walk one morning per week so it's not a huge time commitment. There are also 'back up' drivers, so if you cant do certain weeks, there is usually someone to help out. As a driver, its simply a case of meeting the children at the library, clicking their tickets, and walking them to school. Its a great way to volunteer for the school and spend time with the children, without eating into your work day or busy parent life.

If you live on the other side of the school and Titirangi Library as a starting point doesn't suit you? We would also be keen to hear from anyone who wants to start from the corner of Daffodil Street and Atkinson Road or from Kohu Road. We'd love to grow the Titirangi Library bus route and also start new ones.

If you're keen to get involved, or have some questions, please contact Anna on or 021 262 4899 (text or call).



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