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Stationery 2021

We have worked very hard to get the best prices and quality we can on our Back to School Stationery for 2021. Each year we get quotes from different companies, so we can offer parents the best prices available to us, while still ensuring the quality of the books are up to the robust use they are going to get in the classroom. This year, we are again using stationery company Qizzle (formerly called Eeny Meeny), a 100% New Zealand owned company. Please note while you are not required to purchase your stationery through this site, our teachers do appreciate the children having the correct stationery. Some specific books are not available through Warehouse Stationery and other general stores. Maths books must have the correct size quad grid, and have the required margins, and blank pages on alternative pages. Each of the syndicate year levels lists will be loaded onto the Qizzle site with the quantities required for each item - details to come. Qizzle also offers a check box so you dont need to order stationery items you already have. Delivery for online packs is free for all orders over $49, otherwise a freight charge of $5.95 is applied at checkout. The following are extra items required for the various syndicates . Note that these extra items are not available through the Qizzle site - but rather through the school shop Kindo If you already have any of these items from previous years, you can continue to use them in the coming year.

Syndicate 1 Hat, home pack and library bag (Chair bags not required in Year 1)
Syndicate 2 Hat, home pack and library bag (Chair bags not required in Year 2)
Syndicate 3 and 4 Hat, home pack, library bag and chair bag
Syndicate 5 and 6 Hat, library Bag and headphones with a mic or earbuds with mic.

Please contact the school office if you have any queries

Stationery 2021
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