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TPS students involved in FIFA Women’s World Cup Tournament Play Offs.

Earlier this year three TPS students were selected to be player escorts for the 2023 FIFAYouth Programme. Congratulations to Caoilinn, Ryan and Keyan. I thought that this was an amazing and unforgettable experience. I am very grateful I got chosen to participate in this event. I know there would have been many other children that would have loved to so it so I am very lucky. I really enjoy playing football and every Tuesday and Thursday morning I train with Blake. I love how involved the school is with football. I can’t wait for the FIFA women’s world cup and hope to have this experience again. Caoilinn Year 6 In February, Keyan & I were picked to be player escorts in the FIFAYouth Programme for the FIFA Women’s World Cup Tournament Play Offs. We went to North Harbour stadium with Shalvin, Keyan's dad who was our FIFA chaperone, when we got there in the morning all of the kids involved got ready for the day ahead of us, we practiced the routine for the game, we got to play football and they gave us a nice lunch of pasta and pizza. Our first game was Senegal vs Haiti, we walked out the Haitian team onto the field, we were really nervous walking out onto the pitch as we were on tv and there were a lot of cameras. The second game was Chile vs Haiti, since Haiti had won the first game they got to carry on, but Senegal was eliminated. For the second game Keyan & I weren't nervous at all and we knew what to do. Our third game was a night time game, New Zealand vs Argentina, it was a good game but Argentina won. There was a massive crowd of about 4,000 people cheering, and at the end we got to keep our uniform and take it home. Ryan Year 6 "It was a very good surprise when I found out that I was chosen as a player escort for the FIFA Women's World Cup (FIFAWWC) Tournament Play Offs. On my first day I got to walk out with the Haiti team and the player I walked out with was Roselord Borgella. I had a good conversation with her when we were waiting in the tunnel and got to know her well. On my second day I was walking with the Haiti team and again with Roselord. We were both very happy to see each other.
We spoke more this time and I promised her that they would win this match as it was an important one. To my surprise and excitement they did win and that made Haiti qualify for the FIFAWWC happening this year. This was the first time they ever qualified to a FIFAWWC. I was so happy and kept cheering from the stands after the final whistle. I saw Roselord and she ran over to me and I thought I was going to get a hug from her but she actually took me out of the stands and onto the pitch.
She asked their official photographer to take a picture of us while she was still carrying me and then called the whole team to come and take a picture and she told them I promised her they would win. She even gave me her autographed t-shirt and called me her "Angel". I also got to walk with Argentina for my third day.
FIFA also gave us full ADIDAS kits and shoes along with bags and caps After the FIFAWWC Tournament Play offs was finished I found out that I was Roselords profile picture on Instagram and she has sent messages and we have kept in touch since then. I think I'm famous now in Haiti " Keyan Year 5

TPS students involved in FIFA Women’s World Cup Tournament Play Offs.
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