The Titirangi Primary School Parent Teacher Association is an essential organisation within our learning community, whos aims are to:


  • Encourage and support communication between families, teachers, management, staff, and the Board of Trustees

  • Help build a sense of community

  • Raise funds, through school events and promotions

Get Involved


PTA meetings usually run twice a term and are open to all parents of the school. Dates and details can be found on the school 'Fridge List', the Titirangi Primary Facebook page and the school community calendar to the right of the page. We are always looking for new ideas and new faces. We run events throughout the year, such as:


  • Social events, such as school picnics and class activities

  • Lunches

  • Annual events, including the School Gala

  • Other fundraisers, such as Calendars, Entertainments Books, and promotions


The PTA has a formal structure of core committee members, and we also work with a network of nominated Class Parents who help with organisation and communication within each individual class.




Fundraising Goals


Each year, the PTA sets a fundraising target for items that benefit the children at our school in a range of areas, agreed between the PTA and the school each year. 




Contact Us


If you would like to contact us to find out more about how we support the school, why not come along to our next meeting or send a message to the PTA Secretary, via the school office:


The school's postal address can be used for any written correspondence, fundraising proposals or information about sponsorship opportunities for any of our events to the PTA:


FAO: Titirangi Primary PTA Secretary

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