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Family contributions

We ask all those in our school community to make a voluntary contribution to help us deliver the opportunities that we believe all our students deserve. 


Our government operational grant aims to provide a solid basic education for all New Zealand children. However, it does not cover the cost of providing the broader, richer programme of learning that offers our children opportunities, resources and an overall education that goes beyond the basics. 


Providing additional staffing, learning support and ensuring high-quality professional development for our teachers, as well as capital works items such as shade, seating, landscaping and playgrounds all require additional funds that we need to raise by other means. This is achieved primarily through donations, as well as other fundraising initiatives and hireage of school facilities.


Donations are optional. If your family finds the level of requested donation difficult, we understand this and would appreciate any amount you feel you can afford.  Equally, your donation isn’t limited to the amount suggested and any additional donation is much appreciated, as this further enhances the learning opportunities and school experience for our children.


Your donations are a valuable contribution to our ability to offer a rich programme with strong achievement outcomes that encourage a love of learning for all our children and we can’t emphasise enough the important difference that your school donations make to what our school is able to offer.



The amount requested is 

  • 1 child; $270

  • 2 children; $370

  • 3 or more children; $460


The easiest way is to make payment through our online store and payment portal, Kindo. Alternatively please ask the office for an invoice and bank account details. Thank you for your contribution to our learning community! We make sure that every dollar makes a real difference to our students.

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