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Ensuring student wellbeing

We take a values-based approach to restorative justice, involving students in solving problems in order to grow, learn and ensure that our learning community is a 'Connected' and 'Respectful' one to be a part of. We have an open door policy, and are committed to working in partnership with children and families to make sure that our school remains a happy place to be!


We pride ourselves on the quality of relationships that form the foundations for our learning community. Student welfare is our priority and a responsibility that we take extremely seriously. In addition to Board of Trustees' policies, we take a proactive stance on maintaining a happy and safe environment for the children in our care through a zero-tolerance approach to bullying.


We run safety programmes, such as 'Keeping Ourselves Safe' 'Confident Kids', and 'Pause Breathe Smile' to support children in their wellbeing, and offer positive messages about staying safe and knowing the right steps to take if there's a problem.


The children are taught to handle problems or disagreements with our '3 Steps' to ensure that they have clear and positive strategies to use. Stop! Walk! Talk!


Here at Titirangi Primary School, we take time to identify what is making them feel unhappy or unsafe and then work with all parties to find meaningful solutions.  We use these questions to scaffold and guide the reflective process:

  1. What has happened?

  2. Who has been affected and how?

  3. What needs to happen to put things right?

  4. What do we need to do to move forward? 


Restorative conversations occur at a student/teacher level first and if necessary our Senior Teachers, Learning Support Coordinator, Deputy Principal, or Principal facilitate Restorative Circle conversations. This process requires all parties to be reflective and open to making a change.

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