Digital learning

Digital tools offer exciting opportunities and are capable of opening up whole new worlds of learning for children.



In Junior School, digital technology is used as part of classroom teaching via TV's, and shared classroom devices, but children don't bring a device from home. 

YEARS 5 & 6

In years 5 and 6, 'Bring your own device' (BYOD) is optional but recommended. We have devices available for students that are unable to bring their own. We invite you to read the Y5/6 BYOD Agreement and the FAQs for more information. 


We need to learn how to keep ourselves safe and make good choices in ways we interact when we are online. Good digital citizens help to make our school a safe and positive place for everyone.Therefore, a all learners, with their parents, are asked to read and Titirangi School's Digital Technologies and Cyber Safety Student Use Agreement.  We also recommend visiting the Netsafe website for advice about online safety for children. 



In years 5 and 6 teachers use the Hapara App, which syncs with the Google Drive Platform to manage student and class accounts. It enables teachers to push activities out to their class, and to check the work that has been done. It also provides monitoring to keep children safe while they are online at school. Find out more about Hapara here.


Our school's preferred device is a Chromebook, but we will allow any device that:​​

  • can connect to Wifi

  • has a screen no smaller than 10 inches

  • has a keyboard

  • is connected only to the school network (no use of 3G or 4G networks, t-sticks or vodem sticks will be permitted.)

  • has a protective cover

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us or ask your teacher.