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Getting to and from school

We are a Travelwise school and we encourage children and families to travel to and from school in sustainable ways. Avoiding the busy round about and drop off zones where possible is appreciated by everyone.


Unfortunately, the roads around the school can be very congested at peak times. We ask everyone using the two-minute drop off zone outside the school to be quick, to use their indicators, and never hold up traffic waiting for a spot. If there is no space in the top section, please continue past the school entrance - there is usually space available downhill from the school on Atkinson Road. 


If your child can walk home safely this is a great option. Many families opt for a 'half and half' option, meeting their children in the village or at the library, once they are old enough to do so. 


A Walking School Bus is similar to a normal school bus except children walk to and/or from school along a designated route, under the supervision of adult volunteers (often parents), who act as the Walking School Bus driver.

Walking School Buses reduce the number of cars on the road, making our environment safer and cleaner, and they provide exercise for children in a fun and social way.

We currently have two walking school buses from Titirangi Library and Kohu Rd. We are always looking for new 'drivers'. Please contact the office for more information.


Scooters and skateboards can be stored on the scooter racks by the office. Children can apply for a scooter license, just ask the Office staff for a form.


There is a bus stop outside the school gate. In the morning, the route starts at Wood Bay and students arrive at school at around 8.25am. In the afternoon, the bus picks them up from the bus stop opposite Lopdell House at around 310pm.  Full route details are on the Auckland Transport website. Students can pay cash, or receive discounted student rates if they have a Hop Card. 

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