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2024 Term Dates

In 2024, Term 1 will start with two 'Whānau Days' on Thursday 1st and Friday 2nd February.

The first full day back in the classroom for all students will be Wednesday 7th February.

This will give families a four day Waitangi Weekend - rather than starting Monday, having a holiday on Tuesday and then back to school Wednesday.

For Year 2 - 6 students, whānau days will take place on Thursday 1st February and Friday 2nd February. We will set up interview times once 2024 classes are organised (at the end of this year) using our digital booking system. These are days when the teachers will be at school to meet with each family for 15-20 minutes to talk about learners - their interests, strengths, challenges etc.

It will be an opportunity for caregivers to share with kaiako and to start building the relationship that we know is pivotal to student success - that of Whānau, Kaiako/Teacher and School.

Each Year 1 teacher will have a session with the parents from their classroom to share who they are, and the beginning school information, expectations, classroom routines and plans for the year. This will take place on Thursday 1 February between 9 - 10 am. Later in the term, once the children have settled into 2024 classes, teachers will meet one on one with families. While parents are meeting with the teacher, students will be supervised either on the court or playground.

The last day of school for 2024 is Wednesday 18 December.

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