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Alert Level 1 - Term 4 12th October

Thank you for your ongoing support, as we continue to unite against COVID-19. Our move down to Alert Level 1 provides all of us with certainty that it is safe for all children to physically attend school. Your children’s learning, health and wellbeing is important to us – and we can’t wait to see them on Monday, 12th October. It will also be good for them to get back into a more normal routine. 

I assure you we will continue to follow all appropriate health measures at school including maintaining cleaning and disinfecting practices and encouraging good hygiene standards. We will also continue to remind people to stay home if they are unwell and to seek medical advice.

Drop off and pick up time will return to normal. QR code posters continue to be required to be on display at Alert Level 1 so please check in when doing drop offs and pick ups.

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