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Celebrating Student Success

Ryan Barnett Year 3, Caleb Wilde Year 3 and Emily Barnett Year 0, have been running the Run Auckland series, which is 6 runs in different Auckland locations throughout the year. The children’s race series is 2.5km (adults do 5km or 10km)

At the final event and Prizegiving today in Millwater, the three did amazingly well with all three placing in their divisional age groups

Caleb was 1st overall in the Boys 2.5km 6 - 7yrs

Ryan was 2nd overall in the Boys 2.5km 6 - 7yrs

Emily was 3rd overall in the Girls 2.5km 5yrs and under

Congratulations, what a fantastic result!

Well done Caleb, Emily and Ryan, and a special mention to Ryan who still competed with a broken arm.

If you would like to know more about the Run Auckland series check them out at

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