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Logging in to Hero

To support us all this coming year, TPS is using Hero Student Management System.

All school communication will ONLY COME from Hero.

Hero is where you will:

  • Have one point of contact for messages, email, and notifications

  • From the school, teacher, or sports coordinator

  • Get you Urgent - Important Notices quickly - as Notifications or email

  • See school calendar dates and upcoming events.

  • Access to your child's academic progress - What they have achieved and what they are working on next.

  • Report your child’s absence quickly and easily.

  • Receive and return permissions for school trips and events.

  • Link to other important school-related web pages.

Getting Started:

  1. Visit your app store and search for:

    1. Hero (Hero by Linc-ed)

    2. Or go to

  2. Select “New User”

    1. Your account will be set up by your school using the email address that you provided the school. Use this address to request a password (please note each caregiver must have their own email address)

  3. Enter your email address and click the “Request Password Link”

  4. Check your email!

    1. If one doesn’t arrive - contact the school to make sure we have the correct email for you.

    2. Contact -

  5. Follow the secure link in the email to set your password.

As the term progresses - TPS will be sending any new communication through Hero. We value your feedback on how we are going. So please get in contact if you have any suggestions. Contact Mike -

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