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Project Moana Manaakitanga ~ Caring for our Ocean.

Last Saturday a group of committed school councillors met at Titirangi Beach to launch their kaitiaki initiative to care for our local beach.

Justine from the Manukau Harbour Restoration Committee joined us and reminded us of why it is important and how big the Manukau Harbour really is.

With our families in tow we set out in single file to remove the rubbish we encountered.

It was a good kind of disappointment that we only found a small amount of rubbish and the discussion around what was rubbish, and whether we should remove the remnants of old clay pipes when creatures had adapted to live in them gave us food for thought.

We sorted and analysed the rubbish and we are inspired to keep our beach clean.

Our next job is to inspire others to eliminate waste and plastic.

Keep an eye out for notices for our next piece of work

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