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PTA Corner

Hi there!

Lockdowns are tough, aren't they?! And this time around we have had to again make the call to cancel the Titirangi School Gala. This will come as no shock I am sure given the current circumstances...but this does mean...surely third time lucky for an epic Gala next year! We will aim for November 2022 for an amazing day to connect with not just our school community but beyond into our wider community and the fabulous vendors and supporters that come from all around Auckland.

We do also have good news though! Despite fundraising has been a wee bit tricky over the last two years, we have managed to raise enough money for the shade sail to go over the swimming pool! As some of you may remember this has been our fundraising focus and we have now paid the deposit with a view to it being fitted in early December.

At this stage, we are not sure when we will be able to show it off of course, but it will be a fabulous addition for our school as we head into the summer months, here's hoping we get to make use of it in the not too distant future!

We will continue to plan and replan as things become a little more stable and hopefully we will all get to connect again very soon.

Take care community - stay safe!

Your PTA

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