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Teaching Teams for 2021

After reflecting on 2020, it’s apparent that the single most important factor for a successful year is the relationships that are built and developed between children, teachers and families over the course of the year. We now have staff established and confirmed for 2021 and I am delighted to announce the teaching teams for 2021.

Year 1: Belinda Matthee, Dianne Harris, Lee-Ann McKenzie and Vicki Moffat

Year 2: Hannah Smellie, Isabella Dunn , Robyn Cochrane, and Victoria Stevenson

Year 3/4: Claire Iszard, Julie Hoffman-Earley, Linda Dona, Katrina Booth, Nicky Pacey and Sue Fitzgerald

Year 5/6: Blake Semp, Georgia Reid, Linda Hall, Lisa Sparey and Mel McCorqindale

With the stability in the Year 3/4 team for 2021, this enables us to provide continuity for the current Year 3 children, to stay with their teacher another year. This will build on the learning, social, and emotional relationships that have been established.

I would also like to take this opportunity of welcoming Blake Semp and Georgia Reid to our school and Y5/6 team for 2021.

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