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Krypton Factor

Junior Krypton Factor took place on Sunday, 16 May.

It is a competitive day organised by the Lions Foundation between the schools in West Auckland. We had two teams representing Titirangi and not only did they show great teamwork, they also supported each other and the other teams.

It was a glorious day filled with fun and they placed 3rd. A huge thank you to Jo-Ann McGregor and Gillian Campbell who got the teams to the activities on time.

Also a shout out to all the other parents who supported and cheered!

Ka Pai Team Titirangi!

Hi, my name is Eliza, I am here to tell you about my experience with Krypton Factor.

Krypton Factor is lots of fun, there is a trophy for the most points, and there is a cup for the most supportive team.

It is my 3rd time I have been lucky to represent the school. Everyone from yr 3 to yr 6 can apply.

The teams are a mixture of boys and girls from each year. We had enough people for 2 teams.

Lots of schools get together and do about 9 events. Our first activity was the general knowledge quiz, we had to answer questions that most people would know, like what is the tallest animal in the world? and what is the fastest oven?

One of my favorite activities was the duck game where you had to hook a duck. We worked really well as a team for the puzzle game you had to run to collect the pieces and then make the jigsaw in the fastest time.

The hosting school put on lots of extra great food stalls and raffles.

It's great to see that all the local schools can get together. I am very glad I got to experience the Krypton Factor.

I challenge you to have a go next year.

Eliza (Year 6)

Krypton factor brang me lots of excitement as there were loads of activities, food stalls and a playground but the main thing is that we got to work as a team, represent our school and have fun .I can't believe we came 3rd I will definitely go again because I felt safe and happy at the same time.

Lucy (Year 6)

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