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Member changes to the TPS Board of Trustees

This year we say farewell to a long standing member of the Board of Trustees, Zoe Hawkins. I do this with a certain degree of sadness and a great deal of gratitude.

Zoe has been on the board for the past nine years and has spent a significant amount of that time as the Chair of our Board. The Board works in partnership with the community, principal, teachers, support staff, and the government to ensure the best possible outcomes for all students. Zoe has demonstrated this partnership time and time again over her tenure. She has worked tirelessly to provide Board continuity, leadership with enthusiasm and professionalism, and has always had our school values at the heart of what she does.

We will miss her warm smile and her energy, ideas, and passion and wish her every success in the future. Please join the Board in thanking her when you see her around the school.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees

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